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In case you hadn’t heard, a recent report says a shooting in a Connecticut school today killed 27 people, 18 of which were children.  Numbers are going back and forth - some reports say 27 individuals were killed, others say 24.  Regardless, this is a tragic event, and if there are any support groups that will help these people (please send them in if you know of any), they will be spread here.

Also today, at an elementary school in China, 23 individuals were attacked by a knife-wielding citizen.  22 were children.  Details on the attack are largely unknown for the moment.

I’d like to remind everyone of some things NOT to do:

  • joke about these events.
  • get on a high horse and preach your views about these events (I’ve already seen two posts blaming the shooting on the killer’s lack of religious belief.  This is completely inappropriate, not to mention ignorant).
  • belittle these events by reminding everyone that there are worse things happening that go unnoticed; this is true, and a sad fact that needs to be remembered, but belittling the grief of those affected doesn’t help in any way.
  • blame Obama or any other government section for the events.  Gun laws are something that desperately need to be reevaluated in the USA, and China is a whole other issue, but blaming these figures will do nothing to help, and frankly that’s pretty ridiculous.  Discussion is good.  Finger-pointing is useless and disrespectful.

Let’s send out our best thoughts, or prayers, or whatever good wishes are appropriate for you, to these people.  However, as much as I’m sure the victims would appreciate being in our thoughts, any tangible act will be much more helpful.  If any injured victims lack health care or insurance, as with the cinema shooting, I’m sure they would appreciate a donation more than a prayer.  If there are any such opportunities that arise, please let me know.

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